Calm before the storm,
Dale,Bruce, Brent and Jamie digging pig pit with helpers looking on!
(L-R) Rob,Eileen,Shorty,Allan and Brenda..firewatchers on duty!
Supervisor Kelly!
Rick, the chief firewatcher and Jane in background!
Dale and helpter trying to secure the pig pit cover!
The pig made it after all the wind and rain!
Brent, Rob, Jim, Larry and Dale.
Dale and Jim unwrapping the pig!
Rick, Jane and Rick looking on.
Chef Dale and Jim carving and sampling!
The Feast is on!
Thanks to the three chefs, Jim, Jane and Dale our feast was fantastic!
Clean up after our huge meal
Who says men don't do dishes? Darrell and Jim hard at it with many more rounds to come!

Jim, Mo,Rob and Jane fighting the wind and rain to save the pig pit!
Kelly,Mo, Anna-Marie,Nelsene and Eveyln enjoying some time  together after a fun filled day and awesome meal!
Happy campers Jim and Kelly
Larry the firestarter doing it his way!
Dale, Nelsene,Brenda, Laurent Cloutier and Paul B. hangin by the fire at the end of the day.
Preparing the horseshoe pit for Sunday games.
One fun filled day ends.......and another begins!
More work preparing for the horseshoe games
Let the games begin!
Dale, Brent, Allan and Paul
Rick and Dave
Jim and Dale
Dale showing good form!
Allan and Larry
Allan his *don't want to stand out in the crowd suit!*
Mo and Rob
Paul Babiuk and brother Brent with his wife looking on
Paul Babiuk
Winners of horseshoe tournament 2007 Dave and Rick!
The winners...being very humble!
Crib tournament...Anna-Marie with her game face on!
Brenda.......wondering what Anna-Marie is on!
Larry and our surprise visitor, Mrs. Boyer!
Craig Boyer and his daughter.
Cheryl, Mrs. Boyer, Mo, Eileen and Craig
Mrs.Boyer and Cheryl
Early morning visit with Craig and Mrs.Boyer
Eileen and daugher Breanna
Dave and Cherri Parsons
Julie and Eveyln
Dale & Eveyln
Kelly & Jim relaxing
Kelly &  Brenda
Mo and Eveyln
Group camping
August Bash 2007
Thank you everyone for making our 2007
bash a success and keeping Pine Point memories alive!
See you in 2008
* * * *