Businesses from The Pine Pointer - Coutesy of Theresa Lafferty
Crests, Pins & Odds & Ends From Pine Point
Pine Point Legion Pin
NWT-Alberta Legion Pin
Matonabbee School Crest
Final Closure Crews Hat Crest
Pine Point RCMP Crest
Pine Point Reunion Pin
Sign outside of Pine Point
Arctic Winter Games flag
Courtesy of Nelsene Weber
Scanned from Franco Nogrin's site. Originals sent by Tom Roher
Photo Courtesy of Sherry & Pat Maurice
Courtesy of Cynthia Curtis ( Wozny )
A stub to say you took the train from Pine Point to Hay River.
Crest from a sweater - (Artist Unkown) if anyone knows the artist please let me knows so I can give them the credit for thier cool ART work.
Scan Courtesy Of Ken & Toni Letendre
Cortesy of Nelsene Weber
A Buisness Card of Kim's
Photos Courtesy Toni Letendre
Health Card from NWT
Fat Albert charm souvenior
Mosquito got so big we had to trap them
Photo Courtesy Ken & Toni Letendre
Pine Point town pin
Pine Point Lion's pin
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