Pine Point Lioness's pin
Pine Point AWG's spoon
Photos Below Courtesy Of Al & Deb Gordy
Photo Courtesy Al & Deb Gordy
Photo Courtesy Ken & Toni Letendre
Scouts Flag
Scouts Badge
Photos Below Courtesy of Chuck Taylor
Photo Below Courtesy of Dennis Scherger
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Articles Below Courtesy of  Shawna Babiuk
Recent article in The Hub about Pine Point.
When Hay River & Pine Point shared The Hub together with a couple of articles below.
Photo Below Courtesy of Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor's Fire Chief Badge.
Crest of Taxis service owned by Ramsey & Maria Lizotte
Photo Below Courtesy of Lori Lafferty
Drragline achievement belt buckle
Photo Below Courtesy of Al & Deb Gordie
Photos Below Courtesy of Ryan Silke
Pine Point glasses with Terex ukes on them
Embroidered Pine Point pillow
Pictures above are an assortment of Pine Point pins.
Photos Below Courtesy of Leanne Lafferty
                Photo Below Courtesy of Darrell & Julie Couturier
Photo Below Courtesy of Ryan Silke's Site
Photos Below Courtesy of Marisa Ma
North of 60 news letter pages 1 & 2 from August 15 1977
North of 60 newsletter pages 3 & 4 from August 15 1977
Matonabbee school crest & after school sports championship crests.  There was more sports & school spirit before some idiots burned down the school, the school was never the same after that incident.
Photo Below Courtesy of Cheryl (Shorty) Murphy