Photos Below Courtesy of Tonya McEwan
675 loader loading Fat Albert.
Now that's what you call a blow.
A Belly scraper earth mover used to build up the Dyke.
Ken Letendre working in the parts department ?.
Don Bower standing in a shovel bucket.
Bob Oliver? in first aid office.
Oliver Kenig? in first aid office.
A smiling face working in the Tool Crib.
Geology office.
Geology department staff.
Henry Douglas in his office.
Henry Douglas in first aid office.
Mine employee parking lot.
Mine safety record bulletin board by first aid office.
The next four pictures are of smaller open pits.
These pits I think are the XY pits they were pretty small.
These pits weren't very deep , but covered a lot of area.
They sure weren't as deep as A-55 or N-81.
* * * *
Photos Below Courtesy of Marisa Ma
A winter shot of primary and secondary crushers.
A nice shot of an electric shovel loading a Uke.
Photos Below Courtesy of Raymond Lasmanis
Electric shovel at X-15 Feb. 1968, must be lunchtime.
Electric shovel digging ore at N-32 Jan. 1968
Loading ore second bench N-32 Jan. 1968.
Track wheeled track used in winter to haul sleds with supplies from Hay River to Pine Point from 1929 to 1930.
Diamond drill rig set up for winter Jan. 1968.
Geologist Raymond Lamanis locating drill holes Mar. 18 1968.
Start of second bench N-32 Zig Hoffman surveying blast holes.
Pine Point mill 1968.
One of the larger pits with de-watering shacks along the rim.
Original claim post at discovery of mineralized of crop 1898.
Ore thawer
Geology building
Aerial shot of the mine