Photos Below Courtesy of Duncan Gelineau - Early 60s to 80s
Ring gear and house rollers ready to go.
Shovel sticks and boom
776 Caterpillar Haulage Truck 1985.
Diesel Powered Shovel 1963-64
Trucks parked at shift change
"Digger Dave" 109B before new cab
Diesel Shovel loadin Terex
Getting ready to load his bucket
Terex Unit, dumping its load
Someone posing by his shovel
Shovel operator taking a break
Must be spring, wet, muddy and cold. Hell for us on the Fuel Truck and the Mechanics
* * * *
Photos Below Courtesy of Greg Emmons
Core sample shed, tailings line in background
Secondary crusher
Front gate of Heavy duty mechanic bay
Open pit
Photos Below Courtesy of Erik Monsalvo
P & H electric shovel loading 8 ton haulage unit
Electric shovel being moved
Diesel shovel working in a dusty area or on fire (?)
Cominco's brand-new P&H shovel operated by Gary
Photos Below Courtesy of Dru Johns
Dru Johns standing on 85 ton haulage unit (777)
85 ton haulage unit (777) hauling load to stockpile
Another 85 ton haulage unit 777 being driven by Dave Doswell
Another 777 waiting to be loaded driven by Gerald Downey
Dean Barninski in the bucket of the 675 loader
675 loader getting some repairs done
675 loader looks almost brand-new
Dart loader being operated by Ricky Walters or Ron Delorme
Dart loader loading 150 ton haulage unit 776 being loaded by J F Vanranken
Dart loader loading 777
Fat Albert on the move
Laurent Cloutier drilling holes for blasting
Dale Tookey on top of cab of 777
Dale Tookey getting on top of cab of 777