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A-55 Open Pit ??
Photos Below Courtesy of Dru Johns
777 sitting in front Primary Crusher
Dale Tookey starting the afternoon shift on a 776 driving past Primary Crusher
Picture taken 2 a.m. morning of June 21
Picture taken early sunrise 777 hauling load
Twinkletoes at rest
Twinkletoes hard at work
Twinkletoes hard at work from a different angle
A close up picture of Twinkletoes
Photo Below Courtesy of Jim Kenny
Photos Below Courtesy of Kari Harrison
Old Fuel Truck waiting to service loader with Twinkletoes in the background
A nice close up of Twinkletoes at work
And awesome shot of a pit showing a drill with the with hole pattern it leaves behind and a couple ukes and a service or shift supervisors truck
It looks like some older haulage units not sure maybe from the 70s
Carpenter shop
Looks like a picture from the heavy-duty mechanics bay looking towards the main gates with carpenter shop to the right
Photos Below Courtesy of Charlotte Vercos
Fat Albert when she first came to Cominco Mines
Another picture of Fat Albert
Photo Below Courtesy of Henry Douglas
1800 accident free days
Aerial shot of mine site
Photo Below Courtesy of Kari Harrison
Another aerial shot of mine site in the winter
If anyone knows the names on this picture please let me know or it's from