This was the front of the main building. Where the heavy equip. bays were ( far 6 doors ) Gas bays ( near 4 doors ).
This is a pix of the first aid & parking lot @ top of pix . Buildings in the parking lot are bunk house for crews taking apart mine & later us when we were working 6 & 1 shifts.
Another front view of the mine site
This is the front of the loading shed where most of the work was done. We loaded the rail cars with the lead & zinc that the mine had stockpiled & shipped it to Trail.
Inside the loading shed. Tracks on left were for loading & weighing zinc & right for lead. It was a cold wind tunnel in winter.
Loading shed control room on zinc side where we did most of our weighing. Joe Bento filled'em with the loader & we'd weigh'em, cover'em & ship'em out. 
After cars were weighed this is where we covered the lead cars with plastic when we ran out of lids. The lead high sides like the smaller of the 2 cars on
the right.
Stocking zinc that we were reclaiming from the sumps in basement under grinding, floats & filters. The guy you see is Chris one of the guy from Trail brought in for this.
Tailings line up top & the housing for the lead & zinc conveyors  from filters to the loading shed.
Back of the heavy equipment shops, pipe shop, & steam bay
Some cars Joe loaded with zinc & farther up the track are lead cars with white lids. When cars were overloaded we'd have shovel it out by hand before we got the backhoe. Och!!! We also had to fil all holes with boards & burlap. The winter was  a lot of work, we had to shovel the snow out of the high sides & use a 75lb wrench to open & close the doors on the yellow & cross hooper to get the snow out, another Och!!
Nothing went to waste. The piles of lead & zinc after sitting for so long sank into the ground, so the boys from Trail rigged a temporary floats to seperate zinc, lead & dirt.
The building on stilts was part of the Secondary Crusher & the empty area to
the left is where the Primary Crusher was.
The two houses at the top left are the houses of the Rook's & Bento's. They had to live on site for security reasons. Where the houses are used to be the mines main offices.
Back part of mine site showing alot of zinc cars
Photos Below Courtesy of Lisa Murdick
A very good shot of the front of mine site
Great Pix of Dragline aka Twinkle Toes & 2 D-8 Cats
Photos Below Courtesy of Nelsene Weber
This is Twinkle Toesat different times of the year and one good night shot.
A couple of shots of Fat Albert, the guy standing by the tire is ? Walters
Fat Albert being loaded
A shot of mill from stockpiles in front of Primary Crusher
Another shot of the mill, but can't place it
Shovel loading Fat Albert
A 776 Catipillar haulage Uke being loaded by the mines biggest loader 675 Michigan was broken down most of the time.
Photos Below Courtesy of Ken & Toni Letendre
different shots of the 675 Michigan Loader Moe Dogniez standing in the bucket in the middle picture and the 675 Michigan being repaired which was pretty well most of the time.
675 Michigan loading a Terex haulage unit
This is the fuel truck I started on. The pumps for the oil, varsol & anti-freeze didn't work most of the time & had to use a 2 gallon buckets to haul everything, but it sure kept me in shape
Another shot of the 675 being serviced. See a pattern here?
This was the Lowboy. It was used to haul large equipment around.
Photos Below Courtesy Of Al & Deb Gordy
Fat Albert loaded for bear
* * * *