Donny Beaulieu's team in Pine Point race.
Laurent Cloutier's racing 150 mile in Yellowknife.
Scott McQueen's attempt to win the Dog Derby in Yellowknife.
Danny McQueen when he won the Dog Derby in Yellowknife from 1963 to 1967.
Photos Below Courtesy of Scott McQueen
Photos Below Courtesy of Brian Green
Canada's very own snowbirds where they put on one hell of a show when they came up north.
A good year for mosquitoes. It seemed like we were always clean our windshields of those pesky pests.
Brian Green & Mort Sleemon almost made it, but stuck again.
Laurent Cloutier in Pine Point race.
Peter Norburg's team in Pine Point race.
Photos Below Courtesy of Laurent Cloutier
Laurent Cloutier racing the 150 mile in Yellowknife.
Herb Braide racing and winning the Pine Point race.
Teddy Zigarlick checking out his plane.
The old trucked we all played in, on Pine Point Mountain.
Gordie Graham doing some bush honking by Dawson Landing.
Terry McIlroy doing some four-wheel & needing at tow on Mother's Day ride.
Barry Cooper doing four-wheeling on Mother's Day ride.
Gordie Graham's place where he keeps all his toys.
Photos Below Courtesy of Kerri Graham
A Bill Clarke, Elio Tortone & Families, Mother's Day Ride Dawson Landing. Ladies seem to be stuck in the mud.
Bill Clarke, Bob Bouchard, Elio Tortone, Roy Michel @ Kakiska River
Don Beaulieu
Photos Below Courtesy of Bill Clarke
Bill Clarke, Elio Tortone & Wives Mother's Day Ride
Thermometer proving how cold it got in Pine Point
Photo Below Courtesy of Kevin Newman
Photo Below Courtesy of Nelsene Weber
A Great Picture of the Pine Pont Water Tower
* * * *
Photos Below Courtesy of Greg Emmons
Pine Point Access sign
Buffalo River Bridge
Garvin Lizotte at Sandy Lake
Bartholomew Dolly Mercredi, September 1986
Lawrence Cloutier at Sandy Lake
Learning to fish  at Big Buffalo