Photos Below Courtesy of Marisa Ma
French Mrs McDonald & Dean Harper
Me & Calvin Lizotte in detention,
A collage of photos from school yard and around town..
More photos from school yard and around town.
Camping out & parting at Polar Lake 1980
A Pine Days float passing by the Dental Clinic & Pikes place
Pine Days little ones marching in the straight-line
Matonabbee band marching down Cominco road
Matonabbee school float
Matonabbee band float going by the Dental Clinic
All the Pine Days floats heading down Cominco road
A Pine Days traffic jam & checkout those old cars
Photos Below Courtesy of Raymond Lasmanis

Pine Point entertainment watching bears that the dump 1968
Raymond Lasmanis's son Kevin playing in -50 weather 1968
Kevin Lasmanis playing outside family staff apartments 1968
Horseback riding summer of 1976
Someone doing some summertime mushing
Photo Below Courtesy Bob Thibault
JP and Pj
Elin Dodman, Cynthia Wozney, Jeffrey Tham,  Mort
Calvin Lizotte
Photos BelowCourtesy of Angela Catton
Paul LaRouche, Mark Beblow, Sid Wozney, Tracy Feodoroff, Sefti Lal & Wayne Hyrnuik
Fred MacIllwan
Sefeti Lal
& Bryan Payne
Pictures Courtesy of Lisa Murdick
Tracey Fedoroff
.Betty Lou Zaparaniuk
Kim Payne
Lisa and Sandra
Lynn Payne
Mrs. Payne
Sandra and Patty Zap
May party: Brenda & Mrs Thompson, Terry Nash & Sandra Dormuth
Moving day
Janice Stewart (Dormuth)
Anna-marie D & Suzanne Lecore
Kathy Hebert, Lisa Murdick & Anna-marie D.
Laurie Barron and Patrick Sparow
Richard's wrestling coach Brian Farrance and his wife.
* * * *

Ray Thompson
Ryan Biggs
Robea DeWitt
Al Stade, RJ Hodgson, Vic Rudy
Dave Finlay
Vi Delancey
Chontelle Rose, Hodgson & Johnny Graham
Church Group
Mary Rudyk Wiebe
Figure Skating
Figure Skating,Chontelle Rose Hodgson-Butters
RJ, Troy Hodgson & Robert Hayward
Rj, Chontelle & Linda Hodgson
Pat Sparrow, Annie Jackson, Brooke Piercy & Christina Jackson
Girl Guides