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Photos courtesy of Chontelle Hodgson - Butters.
Matt Whalen, Ian Douglas Sunday school play
Sunday school Christmas play
Sunday school posing in front of the hotel
Sunday school trip to Pine Point mountain
Troy Hodgson and Robert Hayward
Jeremy Samuel Kerr
Robert Hayward, Jeff & Chontelle, Richie Hayward and Linda Hodgson
Church group
Gordie Graham and A.W.O.L
Keith Cunningham
Rocky Laval
Pictures Below Courtesy of Bob Thibault
Pictures Below Courtesy of Greg Emmons
Alisha Emmons dressed for Halloween
Alisha, Cerena and Gail S. having fun at Pine Point mountain
Alisha's Birthday
Cerena having fun on Pine Point Mountain!
Debbie in front yard,no grass yet
Debbie, Alisha, Cerena & Mona. Alisha's baptisim
Debbie's Birthday party,Teddy not looking happy!
Alisha helping Ed celebrate 50th birthday!
Ed and Lorraine Emmons
Jeanene, Rhonda and Richard playing darts
Jimmy Gilmar New Years at Emmons house
Raymond Durrell, Debbie & Alisha at Emmons house
Leon Allard  ( Lawrence) at Cloutier's New Years Eve
Ted Emmons, David, Melvin, Mike, Frank McKay, Peter and John at Emmons place
Paul Babiuk on plance headed to Quebec for pee wee hockey
Emmons last Christmas in Pine Point
Steve McQueen at Gregs house
Emmons kids and their first snoman
Debbie, Teddy and Greg Emmons
Emmons kids at Dawson Landing, notice the 57 Empala
Roger LeBlanc
Ted Lantz Christmas in Hay River 1990
Wilbur Boucher Christmas at Greg's
Tom Lloyd cooking up steaks ( shot a deer 1 hr earlier! )
Troy Harrington and Darrel Coul at Greg's place
Vince Salter having a blast at his Birthday!
Kuki Monsalvo Sportsman of the year
Photos Below Courtesy of Laurent Cloutier
Richard, Bobby and Delores 1970
Laurent with Charity at cabin Sandy Lake
Cloutier family picture, 1972