Photos Below Courtesy of Erik Monsalvo
* * * *
Delores after the birth of Cameron, Charity smiling on the left
Frank & Lucy Norgrin
Details to follow.
Frank Norgrin holding stuffed Lynx head
People getting pictures taken with the RCMP officer
Christmas Supper at the Monsalvo's
Frank Norgrin with baby
Details to follow...
Details to follow
Details to follow...
Angela Payne & Corey Feodoroff
Photos Below Courtesy of Laurent Cloutier
Delores after the birth of Cameron, Charity smiling on the left
Photos Below Courtesy of Bryan Gautier
The Gautier family
The Gang - If anyone knows people in these two photos could you please e-mail them to me
Guitar Man
??, Dan and ??
??  with Mustang
??  and ??  sitting on Nova
Photos Below Courtesy of ??
Mike Lenton, Don Bower, Darryl Catton Sr. & Matt Dormuth
??, Darryl Catton Sr., Mike Lenton, Chris Lenton & ??
Photos Below Courtesy of Holly Alexander
??, Mrs. Murdick, Colleen Murdick & Everett McQueen
?? & ??
Everett McQueen
Dann Dube
? Payne
Colleen Murdick & Frank Lafferty
Lisa Dodman, Tammy Greenhall, Leslie Cunningham & Everett McQueen in the background
Lori Murdick, Colleen Rook &
Names to follow
Teresa Lafferty ?, Leslie Cunningham & ??
??, Glen Stewart & ??
Names to follow
Names to follow
Lori Murdick & Frank Lafferty
Everett McQueen, Franco Norgren & Marissa Babiuk
?? & Brenda Seaward
Mary-Lou Zaparaniuk (sp)
Photos Below Courtesy of Tamara Brownridge
Chrissy Jackson, Kathleen Jones, Arnie Jackson, Parker & Tamara Brownridge
Kids playing in the gym
Moms and Tot Playschool - 1988
Mrs. Babiuk ? & Mrs. Boyer singing in church
Photo Below Courtesy of Cheryl Wright