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Photos Below Courtesy of ??
Dave Lirette ?, Marissa Babiuk ? & Pete Friesen
Dave Lirette ? & Pete Friesen
Steve Hancock(?), David Lirette(?), Pete Friesen & ??
Peter, Lance, Derek & Daryn Szumik
Photo Below Courtesy of ??
Photo Below Courtesy of ??
David Lirette
Richard Cloutier partying as usual
Photo Below Courtesy of Lisa Murdick
Photo Below Courtesy of ??
Photo Below Courtesy of Facebook
David Starcevic close to hill behind trailer court
Melvin, ?? & Elaine Larocque
Photo Below Courtesy of ??
Winnie Smith coming out of the hardware store
Pine Days in Pine Point. Does anyone know the clown?
Photo Below Courtesy of Dru Johns
Looks like Oktoberfest guys in shorts playing trombones
Roger Lacomb wearing hat & Mrs. Newman resting on bike during Pine Days
Wally ? wearing Lions suit during Pine Days
A couple of clowns one with a pencil and fiddle during Pine Days
Tracey Feodoroff with his new toy
Tracey Feodoroff coming back from watering the poplars
Photos Below Courtesy of Kari Harrison
Bob & Mary Lou Garlick rioting their horses around town and letting the kids pet their horses
Outdoor concert Dawn Logan bottom left in yellow T-shirt
Harrison checking out his car
Kari Harrison with Laurie Barron & Tonya Douglas Scammell
Hotel Christmas staff party 1980 Burt  Rose Wilson facing Santa
Burt & Rose opening their presents  1980
Burt & Rose showing everyone their presents 1980
Rose receiving big smooch from someone
Someone else opening present Hotel staff party 1980
Same person showing present Hotel staff party 1980
Henry Douglas chilling out
School band playing Pine Days Dawn Logan in yellow T-shirt
Otto Romeke giving Maria Lizotte an award & a kiss
Photos Below Courtesy ofSarah Mueller
The Mueller family - Mother Sarah - Kids Bernie, Ruby, Giselle & Herb
Photos Below Courtesy of Jonathan Bird
Roxanne Bird age 8 - Chris & Jon Bird age 2
The Bird Family 1973 and 2003
Jon & Chris in Beaver uniforms 226 Caribou Dr.
Roxanne Bird (Scheu) Grade 12
Roxanne Bird (Scheu)