Town Hall party Dave Almond ( Secretary Treasurer ) Richard Dumas ( Foreman ) & The Boss, Otto Remiki ( Mayor )
Happy New Years - Mike Landucci, Lyle Smith & Al Gordy's
Strategy Time - Al Waggle, Danny & Bob Dube
Best Buds - Dave Golding, Ernie Sims & Al Gordy
Photos Below Courtesy Of Al & Deb Gordy
Terry Lyttle getting ready to chowing down
Pastor Dave Finley & his wife ??
Robby & Steve Gordy with a mess of Jackfish. I really miss the taste of Northern fresh water fish. Salmon's just not the same.
Dave Golding, Harry Hendly & Bob Dube
L-R Rick Cudmore,Mike Anderson, Randy Cleverly ?, Brian Dodman, ??, Ray Lavoie, Gord Nystruck, Terry Lyttle, Henry Cadeau, Larry Frank, & ??
John Ferguson & Eugene Babiuk
Ernie Sims & John Jackson
Pine Point DJ's Don Miller & Ricky Walters
Marcel the Butcher from the IGA
Gordon "Porkchop" Nystruck & Morris Sourell
George & Mary Van Cleemput & Mrs. Hiebert
Courtesy Of Nelsene Weber
Kim Feodoroff
Scanned from
Arther Beck
Pictures Below Courtesy Of Sylvie Hancock
Barb Hancock & Nelsene Weber. Check out those beer bottles
Photos Below Courtesy Of Sylvie Hancock
Frankie MaKay, Danny Dube ?, Lorne Saville & Calvin Lizotte
Frank Fabian
The Hancocks - Bill, Shirley & Barb getting supper ready
Whose this skinny guy? Pretty scarey
Cheryl Wood & Sylvie's sister Amelie
Suzanne Boyer, Joanne Menard, Anne-marie  Duetsche & ??
Sylvie's sister Amelie & Sheldon Michel
Roberta Teasedale & Leroy ?
The Pinard Family
Scott MacQueen & Steve Wescott
Sylvie Hancock in front of the Pizza Patio where she worked
Sylvie's brother in the arms of the Law  @  a Pine Days parade
Cerena Durrell
Brad Murdck
Paul Babiuk & Daughter
Bruce Jacobs, Mark Beblow & Paul Babiuk @ Bruce Jacob's weddng
Patty Loran
Trigger  ??
Germaine & Louis Michel
Rob Hancock chowing down @ Pine Days
Ray Durell & Alex Fellman
Theresa Lafferty & Maria Lizotte
Debbie Morales
Diane & Shorty Smith smoothing & JP peekin
??, Mrs Pinard & ?? making a toast
Mr & Mrs McIntyre
John & Michelan Harvey & AL Manuel
Photo Below Courtesy of Shawna Babiuk
Courtesy Of Sylvie Hancock
Courtesy Of Lisa Murdick
Sheldon & Donna McIntyre
A very young Lori-lyn Graham
* * * *
Courtesy Of Sylvie Hancock