Photos Below Courtesy Of Mark Frolic
Duncan Parker & Mark Frolic
Warren Clarke & Terry Burke
* * * *
Lucy Nogrin, she loved to fish
Photo Courtesy Nelsene Weber
Picture Below Courtesy Of LeeAnn Benevides ( Portier )
Galena Hieghts elementay play The Land of Flowers
Andy McKay, Nov. 17 2001
Photos Courtesy Of Nelsene Weber
Barb, Nelsene, & Cerena - Nov. 2002
Photos Below Courtesy of James Bailey
Nelsene Weber, Shawna Babiuk & Barb Wilson
Allan Wilson, David & Raymond Pearson
Allan Wilson at the Pine Point cafe
Frazer Pike walking away, Chris Craft, Sefti Lal, Dale Georget & Jana Dormuth
James & his dad Bill planning a road trip
Bob Bouchard doing what he did best
The Bailey family playing cards - L-R - Shirley, James, Sherry & Bill - 2001
James & his daughter Megan
Shirley Bailey, Ron Douglas & Donna Broadhead seated
James on his ride in 2002
Photo Below Courtesy of Doug Thompson
Photos Below Courtesy of Woodi
The Wood Clan at John & Nellie's 60th Wedding Anniversary
John & Nellie on thier Wedding Day 60 Years Ago
Photos Below Courtesy Of Sylvie Hancock - New Years 2004
Allan Wilson & Dale Desjarlais
Allan Wilson & Cheryl Murphy ( Shorty )
Dale Desjarlais & Real Dube
Nelsene Weber, Evelynn Desjarlais, Sylvie Hancock, & Cheryl Murphy ( Shorty )
Shorty, Real Dube & Nelsene Weber
John, Ken, Robyn & Donavon Hancock
Cheryl Murphy, her son Justin & Nelsene Weber
Photos Below Courtesy of Nelsene Weber - Paul Larouche's B-Day Party Dec. 6 - 2003
Paul Larouche, Nelsene Weber, Real Dube & Shorty
Eileen Horner & Paul Larouche
Justin Murphy & James Bailey
Gary, Joshua & Garret Jones - Garret is holding his daughter Mia
Al Gordie as St. Nick in his new toy in Windsor Ont. with Detroit in the back
Photo Below Courtesy of Al Gordie
Danny & Liz Ferguson
Delores & Coral Cloutier
Kerri Graham's boys Dayton 8 & Kasan 4
Photo Below Courtesy of Chuck Taylor
Charles Taylor and his wife
Updated - Angela & The Kids