Photos Below Courtesy of Brian Green
Brenda Nystuik
Mort Sleemon & Daris Fredrickson
Mort Sleemon still looking for a tow.
Mort Sleemon stuck and looking for a tow.
Teddy Zigarlick & Eleanor Zigarlick ( Kerfont ).
B shift party at ballpark. Rick Cutmore sitting on picnic table.
Photos Below Courtesy of Tonya McEwan
Al and Hazel Harvey
Darlene Knibb
Elio Tortone & Mabel
Don Farnden popping a wheelie
Frank Nogrin & Al Harvey
Don Strand with a of mess fish
Lucy & Frank Nogrin
Johnny Graham
Yvonne Douglas & Winnie Hender
Susie Graham
Sue Armstrong
Tony Foddis
Ken Guske, ?? Michel, ??, ??, Colleen Rooke & Bruce George?
Motorcycle training class
Ian Douglas
Don Bower
Mike Landucci
Cub Scouts - Ian Douglas
Pentecostal church picnic
Ian Douglas & Tonya Douglas
* * * *
Bobby, Delores & Me X-mas 1972
Me, Mom, Delores & Bobby X-mas 1973
Photos Below Courtesy of Laurent Cloutier
Laurent, Jeannie, Delores & Bobby Me X-mas 1976
Me, Dad & Bobby with first money earned helping at the dog pound.  Which ended up being slave labor over the years.
Delores's daughter Charity & Papa. She was spoiled rotten.
Mom checking out dad's birthday gift, a fur hat.
Photos Below Courtesy of Maureen (Mo) Sparrow
Annie Jackson, Corey Rook & Michelle Sims. The two trailers in the background were where our family used to live. Right across from the Jackson's
Diane Dodman
Donna Dodman
Bob Dodman with a little buddy
Steve Lantz & Jerry Sparrow at a curling bonspiel at the Pine Point curling rink
Eileen, Carrie (8), Jesse (7) Greenhalgh Dec. 88
Darlene Costucci, Randy Gauthier & Donna Dodman April 1974
Rosie, Darlene & Donny Costucci
Trina Jones - Summer 74
Eileen Horner & her dog Bo
David Burger & Darlene Costucci
Mel & Patrick Sparrow
Harry Smith & Corinne Payne - 74
Diane Dodman & Harry Smith - 74
Jim Rawlick
Sandra Dodman & Harry Smith - 74
Paul Payne & Randy Cleverly - Polar Lake - 74