Photos Courtesy Of Al & Deb Gordy
Great shot of Curling Rink & Arena
Kuki's Pizza they made great Triple 7's
Hotel owned by Burt & Rose. I spent a lot of time here
Pine Point Lion's Club
Piwowar's place of business after it was gutted by fire
5 Star Trucking camp owned by Wes & Ernie Sims
Sign as you enter Pine Point
Some signs at the Y as you enter Pine Point
Tundra Drilling's camp
Pine Point Mountain. Mountain ???
Young Dogmusher's in training
Water Tower in winter
Turn out the lights sign in winter
A Shot of JB's Lounge from insight for someone's vehicle
The Pine View Golf Club in the Old Town
Someones Dog Kennel with a pile of fish to the right
* * * *
The sign at the Y as you come into Pine Point. A lot of snow that year.
A Pine Days float in 1981
The Grave site of Gordie Graham's favorite bike Susie somewhere in Pine Point.
Photos Below Courtesy of Kerri Graham
A winter shot of Pine Point Mountain
Photos Below Courtesy of Laura Kenig
These pics Laura Kenig sent in are pretty old, notice there's no pavement. Probably early to mid 70's.
Old Dental Clinic
Bunkhouses by the school I think.
Cookhouse being torn down winter of 1988 or 89
Pine Point Arena. Checkout the old vehicles.
Downtown Pine Point, busy place.
The old Matonabbee school before the fire.
The old trailer park.
Acouple of arial views of the great city of Pine Point.
The Pine Point ambulance which I got to be a passenger in after a mishap during a hockey game. It took me to Hay River.
Gordie Graham's workshop near Knobhill.
A bunch of pigs could had been Ours or Lyle Smiths