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Rec hall being pushed down
Rec hall being torn down by backhoe
Cook house being torn down, was used as school after fire at Matonabbee
Bunk house sides pushed in, as it topples they push from other side
Cook shack & bunkhouse after tearing demolition
Hauling away debris
Singles apartment being moved
Watch those power lines!
Brown Town house being moved
Wes & Ernie Sims hard at work
Barb Hancock's house ready to be moved
Greg's house headed for the lake, ice roads used
Tom Lloyd's house in January
Zigarlick's house
Teachers apartment stands alone
Demolition of Catholic Church
Pictures Courtesy of Greg Emmons
Photos Below Courtesy of Kari Harrison
Catholic Church
Catholic Church end of Mass
Pentecostal Church - Catholic Church in background
Dental Clinic - Les Pikes house on the left
Caribou Drive inside  circle
House on Caribou Drive
Caribou Drive - yellow house was where Marinius Mellaart lived & The green house was where the French Teacher's Mrs. Lee lived
Caribou Drive house 292
Caribou Drive in the summer
A beautiful sunset seen from Caribou Drive
Staff Apartments
Stuff Apartments ?
Old singles apartments at turn osf to Fort Resolution
The new singles apartments coming from the turnoff to Fort Resolution
Backyard of someone's house you can see some campers off to the right
Showing houses from the road going towards the mine
Arena & Curling Rink a lot of us spent many hours there
Big Way shopping market and gas station