Sign coming to Pine Point from H. River
Photos Below Courtesy Of Ken & Toni Letendre
I know these pics aren't of Pine Point, but we all spent a hell of a lot of time at these places
Another shot of Polar Lake in 1992
A shot of Polar Lake in 1979
Rules of conduct for Polar Lake
A shot of the Scout Cabin @ the end of Polar Lake. I Spent a   lot of  summer & winter weekends here fishing
Jeff & Tyler Letendre camping @ Sandy Lake
A shot from the top of the 1st sand dune @ Sandy Lake
Another shot of the 1st sand dune. There's another sand dune just out of the picture to the right
Sign going to Pine Point from Hay River
Alexandria Falls just 1/2 hour or so out of Hay River
A Water Tower sunset
Loons landing on Polar Lake
A stormy day in the Old Town
Dusk in the Old Town
Jeff Letendre doing some fishing by the new Little Buffalo bridge
Photos Below Courtesy Of Al Gordy
As the sunsets on Polar Lake. Beautiful!!!!!!!
Photos Below Courtesy Of Ken & Toni Letendre
Another Beautiful Northern Sunset. Water Tower bottom right
2 Gaurdians of The North watching over Pine Point
Spring break  up at Birch Creek 1984. Tore out the bridge & everyome in Ft. Res, Pine Point & Ft. Smith were stranded
Road between Pine Point & Hay River. Twin Creeks bridge?
Train tressel at Big Buffalo river
Big Buffalo river on left side of bridge
A winter road, but can't place where, but it looks familiar
Sunset off main haulage road Cominco mines
Road from Paulette Creek to Paulette Bay
Paulette Bay. Great fishing for huge Jacks here
Kakisa Falls probably May long weekend, party time
Road to Fort Smith where the buffalo roam
Looking from the top of Alexandria Falls
The Road to Fort Rez
Photo Courtesy Of Sylvie Hancock
Photo Below Courtesy of Geordie Lowe
Another pic from the top of Alexader Falls
* * * *
Photos Below Courtesy of Laurent Cloutier
A shot of the Big Buffalo train tressel
A winter sunset
Another shot of the Water Tower
Another beautiful northern sunset
Another Watertower picture.
Photo Below Courtesy of Greg Emmons
Photo Below Courtesy of Mike Landucci
The sun setting over Great Slave Lake taken from the beach in Hay River
A Northern Sunset done by Greg Emmons. You can see Teepees on the horizon