Delores's husband Gary Loutitt, Delores with baby Coral, Bobby & girlfriend Pat, Me & Rhonda, Delores's kids Cameron & Charity
Jack & Tilly Weber taken 2001 at thier 50th Anniversary
The Friesen Family @ Ron & Shelly's 25th Anniversary
Courtesy of Nelsene Weber
L-R -Nelsene Weber, Mark Logan, Anna-marie Duetsch, Paul Larouche, Jimmy Sharp, Brian Payne, Alan Wilson, Terry Seaward & Eileen Horner @ Bert & Rose's Deer Meadows Golf Club. A mini reunion July 28/ 2001
The Mellaart Clan L-R Marino, Sylvia, & Marinus, also Sylvia & Marinus's Children. ( Aug./2001 )
Courtesy of Nelsene Weber
Paul Larouche's Birthday - L-R Tracy Feodoroff, Nelsene WeberPaul Larouche, Cheryl Wood & Mark Logan
Jahla Weber's Graduation Picture. Sure Looks Like Her Mom When She Was Young
Photos Below Courtesy Of Toni & Ken Letendre
The Letendre Family - August 1999

Top - L-R Claudia, Mike & Josh letendre, Ken & Toni, Debbie, Tyler Letendre, Dana, Darren, Kathleen & Tony-Joe.
Bot - L-R Erin, Kes-Leigh, Kyle, Mason, Kaye, Amber, Paige, Taran & Miki
B. Row Ken & Toni letendre F. Row Erin, Miki & Tyler Letendre August 9 / 1997
Tom & Corey Feodoroff practically newlyweds if your wondering about the last name they used Corey's pretty cool huh?
Courtesy Ron & Shelly Friesen
Courtesy of Steve Lantz
Photo Courtesy Of Shannon Duetsche
Anna-Marie Duetsch & her girls
Linda LeFrenier ( Duetsch ) & her kids
Pictures Below Courtesy Of LeeAnn Benevides ( Portier )
Jim, LeeAnn & Paulette Portier
LeeAnn & Sean Portier all grown up
LeeAnn & new hubby Nuno Benevides
Photo Below Courtesy of Al & Deb Gordie
Barry Stocks with 3 little buddies.
Midnite Golf in Hay River - Kevin Lafferty on the left, Darrio Nogrin in the front & Franco Nogrin far back. Relaxing after a game of golf with a couple of thier buddies.
Photo Below Courtesy of Kevin Lafferty
Tom, Corey, Max & Quinn Christmas 2004
* * * *
Photos Below Courtesy of Tom and Corey Feodoroff
Steve Lantz having fun in the sun Northern style
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names to folloNow
Photos Below Courtesy of ? Lenton
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names to follow
names to folloNow
Photos Below Courtesy of Bobbie Teasdale
Sharon O'neil & Bobbie Teasdale
Bobbie Teasdale
David, Stan, ??, Sharon Mom & Gail O'Neill
Photos Below Courtesy of Greg Emmons
Photo Below Courtesy of Nelsene Weber
Greg, Debbie & Alisha (Greg's oldest) Emmons at Disneyland
Christine, Father Ian & Emily serving altar
Shirley & Barb Hancock & Nelsene in Vegas April 30 2005
Photo Below Courtesy of Cherri Parsons
Photos Below Courtesy of Rob Strand
The Parson Family
Don Strand & friend
Barry Davenport birthday boy
Rob Strand & Barry Davenport
Barry Davenport's wedding 2004
Laurent Cloutier & Doris McQueen old town site reunion - 2001
Photo Below Courtesy of Rob Strand
* * * *
John & Nellie Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Comerford
Mrs Below, Mark & Mr. Beblow
Murdick Girls
The Ouelletes
Betty Sparrow & Kelly Rawlek,after Hot Air Balloon ride!