43 Years Later
Shannon & Gordon Duetsche early 70's
Shannon & Gord on their Wedding Day
Lailia Dragon, Keagan Napier Dragon, Darren Dragon, Ryan Dragon, Sharon & Larry Dragon
Photos Below Courtesy of Angel Catton
Brian, Kaitlin, Jordan & Dakota Payne
Jordan, Kaitlin, Angel Catton & Dakota Payne
The Mellaart family
Photos Below Courtesy of Anna-marie Duetsche
Photo Below Courtesy of Larry Dragon
Photo Below Courtesy of Marinus Mellaart
* * * *
Jim & Kelly Rawlek, August 2, 1984
Jim & Kelly Rawlek 2010
Lisa Parsons and her son Aiden
Mrs. Parsons & one of her granddaughters?
Louis Michel house in Hay River moved from Pine Point it used to be Delancey's old house - 2001
Sheila Landucci, Germaine Michel & Sharon Malloy Hay River Beach - 2001
Fort Resolution across from Mission Bay Island. The big brown building used to be the Pine Point arena - 2001
Louis Michel outdoor chapel Mission Bay Island across from Fort Resolution 2001
Jane & Eric Parsons 35th Wedding Anniversary Dawson Creek April - 2003
Sheila Landucci Lisa Parsons, George & Sharon Thompson. The Parsons 35th Wedding Anniversary Dawson Creek April - 2003
Photos Below Courtesy of Mike Landucci
Photo Below Courtesy of ?? Gautier
The Gauthier family
Mother Comerford's 93rd Birthday
Photo Below Courtesy of Ernie Comerford
Photo Below Courtesy of Bonnie Jewell
Maria and Ramsey Lizotte 2009
Photo Below Courtesy of Colleen Lafferty ?
The Lafferty Family
Photo Below Courtesy of Anna-marie Duetsch
Photo Below Courtesy of Cheryl Wright
Dick Wright & George Thompson Dick's Grandsons Graduation
Eileen & Alan with their dogs Fin & Taco - May 2012