.Tracey Federoff
. Twinkle Toes
Town council 1980
Picture courtesy Ward Lyons
Photos Below Courtesy of Bill Clarke
. Twinkle Toes
* * * *
John Hodgson's truck carrying a bombardier
Photos Below Courtesy of Ryan Silke
Photos Below Courtesy of Duncan Gelineau
dumping out the counter weight material
Lowering the house onto centre pin
Operator cab being installed
Assembling the house
Placing the side frames on the car body
Bombardier was great on the snow, and in Muskeg
A couple of diesel generators
Another Bombardier looks like a newer model
Another diesel shove loading a Terex haulage unit
2 Low-boys hauling some equipment
Some pictures above and below of open pits now filled with water
Power Plant supplies Hay River now
A view from the bottom of a stockpile
Above pictures taken from on top of one stockpile to another in the distance
Not much left to add
The sign just before the main office
Assembly area for the shovel
* * * *
Boom is pinned
Placing the sticks to the boom
Len Gregowich welding on 190B
Ring gears placed. Pat Young, Don Yarmachuk, Pat Pope, Brian Osadchuk, Greg Flemming
Sticks being maneuvered into place.